More Energy.

With in-excess of a combined 25 years’ worth of experience the two organisations ee-Nord and Ingenieurbüro Holst have chosen to merge in 2021.

From the Trade Show HUSUM Wind 2021 onwards we are: Cimbergy

Image Hans-Detlef Feddersen
Hans-Detlef Feddersen
Image Arne Möbest
Arne Möbest
Image Henning Holst
Henning Holst
Image Jens Godau
Jens Godau

With wind in our sails, we’re on hand to support our clients through the entire process from planning, deployment and management across both wind and solar farms, regardless of size.

We’re ideally networked, have market leading industry understanding and leverage our inhouse experts to tackle all key tasks.

In short, we can provide all the services you require to actualise your visionary renewable energy project in both Schleswig-Holstein and beyond.

Please contact us directly!

Where we’re heading
and what drives us.

The challenges to businesses are constantly growing. Particularly within the renewable energy industry, there have been numerous important challenges that have required a constant new way of thinking.

Image Cimbergy Büro
Image Cimbergy Büro

In order to capitalize on our joint potential and to further develop renewable energy both locally and afar, we decided to combine our two organisations.

Cimbergy rests on a shared founding principal, a passion for renewable energy.

With our team of over 40 employees, we can provide landowners, visionaries and do’ers alike with all the necessary support to ensure the long anticipated ‘Energiewende’ becomes one step closer to reality.

Energy is our business / core business

We’re advisors.

Do you have access to land in a suitable area and would like to explore building a Wind or Solar farm?

Image Employees Cimbergy Image Employees Cimbergy

Are you confronted by a wave of regulations, legislations and legal documents? Approach us, as we understand you well!

We can provide answers to your questions and highlight your options to ensure your project becomes a sucess. Regardless whether it’s during the planning phase or during operation, we’ll provide comprehensive tailored advice to suit your needs. We’re deeply networked and have trustworthy long term relationships with all project stakeholders.

This includes local communities, municipalities and councils, planning authorities, turbine manufacturer and many more.

You can rely on our expertise to ensure your project becomes a success. Should you wish to build a project without sufficient start capital we can also step in by your side as a project partner.

Still unsure? Please don’t hesitate to ask:

  • Planning and realisation of a community owned wind or solar farm.
  • Managing the tendering process for Community owned companies
  • The current policy fundamentals of the Erneuerbare Energien Gesetzes (EEG)- the Renewable Energy Law
  • Updates to the latest regional plans
  • Priority areas under the land zoning plans
  • Moratoriums and exemptions
  • Approval procedure according to the federal emissions act (BImSchG)
  • Detailed topics such as feed-in tariffs, electricity tax, re-dispatch and ecological issues
Image Wind turbines

Energy is our Business / Project Development

We are Do’ers

From the first idea to the commissioning of your wind or Solar farm, we’ll be the energy powerhouse by your side.

Our Project Managers are specialists and we’ll estimate the success of your project realistically, and will be your reliable partner in all planning phases. During construction our experienced construction coordinator will ensure that everything runs smoothly on site.

Image Management Cimbergy Image Management Cimbergy

In order to ensure the success of your project our core focus is to create a robust and trustworthy cooperation with all the project stakeholders, often in partnership and shoulder-to-shoulder. We always maintain one key project goal, to ensure your wind or solar farm connects to the grid as fast as possible.

Let’s get started:

Image Wind turbines Image Wind turbines Image Power distribution network
  • Examination of the suitability of the location
  • Wind potential analysis and risk assessment
  • Creation of geo-referenced maps (AutoCAD MAP 3D & GIS)
  • Expert support in setting up a company
  • Support at information events for shareholders
  • Supporting the content of the land-use planning
  • Obtaining approval-relevant expert report
  • Support in terms of nature conservation
  • Area protection
  • Preparation of design and land-use contracts
  • Preparation of the application for the construction of a wind turbine according to the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG)
  • Expert support in the preparation of the participation offers
  • Tendering process for the feed-in tariff
  • Expert support in the tendering process
  • Selection of suitable types of energy systems
  • Conception of grid-connection
  • Construction planning
  • Construction supervision of the wind / solar park infrastructure and turbine erection
  • Installation

Cimbria – The home
of wind and sun.

We’re firmly integrated in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany’s northernmost region. The lives of our colleagues, clients and business partners are influenced by the tides of two seas, both wind and weather, sun and rain.

Here we’re down-to-earth and authentic, direct but also friendly and a strong character and a connection to nature.

Image Cimbergy Image Wind turbines Image Management Cimbergy

The land upon which we stand has provided for current and past livelihoods for over 2500 years, much like the root of Cimbria and this is the origin of our name 'Cimbergy'.

The Cimbrian Peninsula is our common land and ground, and renewable energy is our Future.

Our name represents precisely this, what’s most important to us:

Where we come from.
Where we’re going.
And what drives us.

The Cimbrian Peninsula is our common land and ground, and renewable energy is our Future.

Our name represents precisely this, what’s most important to us:

Where we come from.
Where we’re going.
And what drives us.

Image Wind turbines